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About Us

After discussions with the UK Government and seeking approval from UK's BIS for the title of university, Bahcesehir UK was established by Centre for Factories of the Future (C4FF) Ltd and MarEdu as a private university at Companies House with the title of Bahcesehir University (UK campus) Limited on 25th of October 2016. C4FF and MarEdu have been involved in establishing universities in several countries and have developed a range of degrees including higher degrees with the provision for transfer onto MPhil/PhD programmes of studies.

As a results of establishing several universities, the two organisations have created a unique engineering and management faculty with unique characterstics introducing innovation in higher education.

Innovation in Education Practice:

  • A university of tomorrow
  • Practical science and world class learning environment
  • Academic industry partnership
  • Leaping into future digitisation
  • Learning by doing and discovery learning
  • Learner focussed and led
  • Leaning through problem definition and solution
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Accredited programmes and courses by leading professional institutions
  • Novel pathways and progression routes
  • Helping companies to compete worldwide
  • Preparing people for transformation and lean optimal

Quality Manual

This Manual is a development tool being constructed using a rapid prototyping design methodology. The design guidelines are based on the requirements of the ISO 9002 quality systems. To identify the requirements in a vocational education environment, it was necessary to list the requirement headings for one of the ISO systems and interpret each heading as demonstrated in page 2 of this Manual.

Since the programmes offered by the Partnership are based on International Marine and Nautical Syllabuses/Requirements there is no need to apply the ISO 9001 quality system and that the ISO 9002 system is considered adequate.

The 18 requirement headings for the ISO 9002 and the equivalent headings interpreted for application in the Partnership are summarised as shown on page 2.

It should be noted that the interpretation has been carried out in line with the requirements of the 4Rs Model described in Gözaçan and Ziarati (2002),“3D Modelling of Quality Assurance and Control System for Higher Education Sector”, Proceedings of ASEE International Conference, ASEE2002, Montreal, Canada.

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Teaching Quality Assurance

Most academic institutions in the developed world and newly industrialized countries have established systems of quality assurance and control, but of different degrees of complexity and effectiveness.

In many countries, governments have felt the need to assure the quality of the awards granted by their institutions of higher education. This need has become more urgent in newly industrialized countries.

This simply means that graduates should have adequate qualifications and that their knowledge, skills and understanding are required to be in line with national development plans, particularly economic needs.

The purpose of this report is to identify the key teaching quality aspects applied at Bahcesehir University UK (BAU UK) and describe the main criteria for each identified aspect. The system is based on the set of Criteria developed by Ziarati et al (1994) for the UK Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA), which has now been replaced by the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

What is however significant is that in the UK, the quality assurance and control systems applied before such as, TQA and now TEF, are considered intrusive and no doubt in the future will undergo substantial changes. The UK system has had some influence in practices in other countries such Turkey and Lithuania. There several reports and Papers (Ziarati et al, 1998, 2000) which shows the influence of the UK system in other countries. To this end, the research for more non-intrusive approaches to external assessment, particularly by the funding bodies are expected to continue.

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Professorial and Readership Appointments at Bahcesehir University UK

Conferment of academic titles are made by the University’s Academic board and Board of Advisors comprising senior academics and industrialists on individuals who are considered to have achieved an outstanding record in an academic discipline. The titles reflect leadership, exceptional contribution (to the University, the discipline and the profession) and substantial reputation at both national and international level, in research and scholarship and/or teaching and learning as well as in academic management.

This document sets out the procedures and criteria for the conferment of academic titles upon suitably qualified individuals in recognition of academic achievements at Bahcesehir University (UK) referred to as BAU UK. The academic titles are:

  • Professor
  • Teaching Professor
  • Reader/Associate Professor
  • Assistance Professor
  • Emeritus Professor
  • Visiting Professor
  • Industry sponsored
  • Honorary Professor

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